Mission Statement

Stonewall Democrats of Central Ohio was established in 1997 for the purpose of:

  • Ensuring sensitivity, understanding, and support for issues of importance to the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (GLBT) and Allied Community;
  • Educating, promoting, and electing Democratic candidates who are supportive of such issues; and
  • Organizing, educating, and energizing the GLBT and Allied Community to work for, support, and elect these Democratic candidates.

Political Progress

Civil Society

Our Team

  • Endicott
    Brian Endicott

    Brian studied at the John Glenn School of Public Policy at The Ohio State University, and currently works with the Franklin County Recorder's Office. As our President, Brian handles general SDCO and SDCO PAC information, including candidate endorsements and event sponsorships.

  • Gofstein with Barney Frank
    Marc Gofstein
    VP, Political Strategy

    Marc has been active in politics and LGBT advocacy for nearly 30 years, starting in San Francisco and including Southern California, Chicago, Madison, Wisconsin; and, now, in Columbus.  As our Vice President of Political Strategy, Marc handles SDCO political events, strategy interface with endorsed candidates and campaigns, and SDCO endorsements.

  • Debé Wenig
    Debé Wenig
    VP, Membership

    Debé is an entertainer and entrepreneur that has been involved with SDCO in various roles for many years, and is past recipient of SDCO’s President’s award. As Vice President of Membership, Debé manages records and recruitment for SDCO.

  • wake up and be epic2
    Stawn Kaufman
    Communications Director

    Stawn Kaufman has been involved in the Columbus LGBT community since 2008, including social media activism, event marketing, and website design consultation. As our Communications Director, Stawn handles social media, website development, and broadcasting information to the SDCO membership.

  • wyne
    Eric Scott Wyne

    Eric is a Policy Analyst at Public Performance Partners, a nonprofit organization that helps governments and school districts plan and execute cost-saving strategies. As our Treasurer, Eric handles information regarding monthly meeting minutes and event sponsorships for SDCO.