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Outlook: columbus is a monthly produced publication with content that contains both locally and nationally focused features with a mix of columns, editorials, arts & entertainment, sports, celebrity interviews and community news. The magazine can be found for free in over 800 locations within the Ohio area including local libraries, restaurants, and night clubs or by paid, home-delivery subscription.

outlook: columbus

Outlook: columbus differentiates itself from similar GLBT publications by its advertising. outlook doesn’t limit it’s partners to gay-owned or gay-themed advertisers but also gay-friendly or straight owned but open-minded type businesses including national advertisers Bank One, Time Warner, and American Express among local businesses. The magazine’s content is diverse as well, targeting a large cross section of the community while at the same time speaking to specific groups under the large GLBT umbrella. According to studies listed on their corporate website, outlook: columbus is the number one media choice for the Columbus GLBT and allied community, the number one media choice for newcomers to Columbus who have been in the city for 5 years or less, and the number two print choice for African Americans in Columbus.

Christopher Hayes

President Mr. Hayes thinks the world would be a much better place is Reagonomics actually worked, Iron Man was real, and there was a restaurant that just served corn. As Columbus’s most eligible bachelor that no one knows, he constantly wrestles with the paradox of being universally wanted while still having very few dates. As a Catholic, red(ish) head and dyslectic professional queer publisher, he lives a life of irony prolifically demonstrated by his allergy to ginger. Not nearly as poetic, Hayes is also allergic to nut-meg and onions, which make him a narcoleptic poopaholic, and his Thanksgiving dinner a bitch. When not drunk on Appletinis or Manhattans (yes you can like both) he enjoys waving at other Jeep owners, watching Cougar Town and dreaming of the day when Garbage will go back on tour. Ok, the last two happen whether he’s drunk or not. Hung-over or not, he’s always grateful for his family and friends who love him despite his incessant mumbling and his unnatural hostility when doped up on caffeine. By the power of ginger-skull!


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