Ryan Jolley
for Gahanna Mayor


Ryan Jolley provides strong leadership a city needs to focus on moving forward, not backward. He grew up in Gahanna, and plovers the community. That’s why he’s worked hard to ensure that the next generation has the same incredible opportunities he has had, first as a School Board member, then on City Council, and now as your candidate for Mayor.


Jolley’s vision for Gahanna establishes clear goals. No longer will we struggle to piece together our city-wide jigsaw puzzle without having a picture of what we’re trying to do. We will be focused, efficient, and effective, delivering the services citizens expect, like excellent snow removal, and the amenities residents desire, like enjoyable parks and pools.

Gahanna is a model community, nestled in a prime location among major transportation hubs, tourist attractions, and natural beauty. Not only should we be an exporter of great ideas, but an importer of talented, hard-working, community-oriented residents, employees, and businesses.



For too long the city has been reactive, not taking the proactive steps necessary to prepare Gahanna for long-term success. It’s not enough to plan for the next four years; we need to plan for the next thirty-four years. Ryan is not afraid to make the tough decisions necessary to balance our wants and our needs, to balance our safety and our freedom, and to balance our budget for the long run.

Ryan is amazed at how wonderful the Gahanna community is, and Is incredibly excited about how exceptional it can be. He’s creating a movement for new leadership to continue moving Gahanna forward.


You have the ability to do great things, no matter your age, your means, or your background. Having the belief that you can make a difference is at the heart of creating change.