Tina Maharath


My mission is to make sure the millennials voices are being heard. If elected, I will be the first Asian-American woman in the Ohio House. I was born and raised in Whitehall, OH by my 2 immigrant parents who came from a Laos refugee camp. Single mom.


I am a former Volunteer committee chair person for the asian festival, former navigator and certified application assistant for Obamacare through the OAAHC and AACS. Volunteered at many community events such as gay pride and comfest. BA Political Science from OU, Former US senate and Ohio House Intern.


  • Asian Festival Corp
  • Ohio Asian American Health Coalition
  • AACS
  • Sigma Alpha Pi
  • United Way


Mother and 2 brothers deceased from a car accident when I was 14 years old and studying abroad. Father presently living in Hawaii. Reside with 4 year old son and little sister. Half sister to 12 others who live in Laos. Father is 1 of 14 (half siblings included) and mother is 1 of 9. Grandparents are deceased.


  • Opiates
  • Education
  • Veterans
  • Healthcare
  • Neighborhood safety


Single Mother. Laotian-American Community Leader. Political Activist. Workforce Analyst. Travel Junkie.
Also find me at fcydems.com and on twitter @TinaMaharath.


You have the ability to do great things, no matter your age, your means, or your background. Having the belief that you can make a difference is at the heart of creating change.